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author of books, articles and individual methods on personal psychology

It’s no secret that our life is in great part composed of our own choices. Nevertheless, understanding the reasons why events occur can be difficult. Most of us have to learn from experience and mistakes, using analysis and deduction—in other words, it is only hindsight that’s always 20/20.

The past century in psychology bore the mark of Jung's teaching. As a result of his long-duration clinical research, the Swiss psychiatrist hypothesized that people were, from birth, drawn to different “psychological fields”: attitudes of Extraversion-Introversion, functions of Sensing-Intuiting and functions of Thinking-Feeling. Thanks to the Jung’s theory, we now know that many of our interests, decisions, and actions are based on our innate psychological preferences, and that we are all different from birth.

In my books and articles, I suggest talking about different kinds of people, as well as specific kinds of personal life, ideology, energy, health, and personal happiness. Yes, even the happiness is not universal thing! It is supposed to be unique as much as unique is your own nature and your own life.

Life is good in its variety. Life is really good when we find what we seek in life. But life is really authentic, and the happiness is really yours, when you realize what it is that you are seeking in life — and why.