- ESTP Hedonistic Escapist

The main Paradox of the ESTP Type (Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, Perception) is that too many people belonging to this Type are mistakenly identified as other Types ' probably because ESTP-Type appears to be demonstratively clear to many MBTI fans.

But ESTP is definitely not clear: born 'Adventurer' and 'Realist' at the same time, ESTP has one of the most contradictory and unpredictable personalities in the '16-Types-Zodiac'.

On the one hand, ESTP wants to get all the things that are so desirable for any Realist: model success in his career and in the materialistic world, sense of security, and comfortable life in prestigious (or, even better, elite) environment. Moreover, this Type has an advanced level of social pride and thirst for high-style living, shown to everyone.

On the other hand, ESTP has a risky and permanently wandering nature, as any Adventurer does. What is he seeking? It would be a great relief for any ESTP and his surrounding environment, as well as for the whole world, to know. But the answer is both simple and uncertain: ESTP is looking for the impetuous life stream, which he could ride victoriously, like a real surfer rides coastal waves in Hawaii. The higher the 'waves' and success on every single peak of this riding, the happier such an ESTP-'surfer' feels ' and not only due to the success itself, but also because every wave is different.

Well, there is a catch: even the best surfer needs some rest on firm ground. Besides, the surf and weather can worsen, so you have to look for another coast to continue your ride.

Similarly, when the 'surf-luck' in one place or project seems to expire for the ESTP, he starts looking for different turn of career, residence, partnership or even life ' getting the reputation of 'quitter' or 'lazybones', instead of 'champion' or 'winner', especially for those who don't know him well.

Nevertheless, thanks to a unique combination of the two main functions - Extroverted Sensing, which might be called a 'Sense of Authority' (unlike the 'aesthetic sense' of Introverted Sensing) and Introverted Thinking, which might be called a 'Scientific Logic' (unlike the 'business logic' of Extroverted Thinking) - the ESTP is able to accomplish almost everything he wants, in both materialistic and scientific worlds, except for traditional, routine business.

The reason? Traditional business is too boring and unvaried, while abilities and potential skills of the ESTP are very versatile and can be multipurpose, if not universal, under one condition: the ESTP needs to feel hedonistic taste in everything he is doing. It is exactly this taste that lets the ESTP find a deep meaning in life and sense of security in such kind of 'enjoyable escapism'.

Otherwise, the ESTP loses his main life drive, i.e. the risky but worthy 'surfing' that requires all his skills and talents. Such a loss may result in losing general motivation in life, subsequent devastation (both physical and psychological) and depression, which might be accompanied by suicidal thoughts/attempts or hysterical behavior.

So this born 'Commander-in-Chief' might paradoxically turn into the most vulnerable and unstable Person, especially when not actively engaged in activities of interest. Even the most sincere support from his family does not make the ESTP happy during such periods. But without a supportive family the ESTP quickly becomes the most lost Person in the world, despite all his perky bravado ' there is another paradox of this Type.

The ESTP type is a heavy psychological burden for women who do not possess enough feminine charm and softness from birth. These women are usually unable to feel emotional nuances and expectations in relationships or meet standard requirements in family life, even with age. So they might be considered lucky if meet an interested man with 'Caretaker' type. However, even in this case these women tend to look unhappy or sound ill-fated, making the whole world feel guilty for their 'totally failed life' - unless they make a really impressive career.

Resume: if we look for a fullest and simultaneously shortest description of the ESTP type, it would be the word 'most'. This is the most potential Type in many senses: the most powerful and most vulnerable, the most extravagant and most calculating, the most drastically involved in what he is doing at the moment, and the most lazy-lavish in doing nothing, and so on.

If you consider ESTP as your long-time partner, you should completely forget about 'routine' ' as a word and as a phenomenon. Be ready for a daily emotional and practical 'roller-coaster' when volcanic activity can be followed by almost lethargic outage. And remember: the ESTP type is able to make every single moment of your life unforgettable, because he/she is able to change (and sometimes ruin) everything you're used to ' whether it is your family tradition, convenient daily schedule, life-long plans or your very conception of life.