- INFJ – Dreamer

"I have a dream"

This person is a Dreamer. But do not think that he (or she) is totally not of this world! Quite the contrary: INFJ comes to the world to be with people and for the sake of people – in the way he (she) imagines would be right and especially necessary at their time and place.

INFJ-Dreamers are very much grounded in what they believe in. This belief consists of the ‘inner vision’ (which is feeding on Introverted Intuition) and objective ethical values (from Extraverted Feeling). What does that mean in real life?

That means some Paradox: free and easy socialization (if needed) and frequent failure in adequate self-expression (that’s why INFJs are very selective in friendship and partner relationships). This is a capability for succeeding in almost any intellectual profession, but for all that – a non-typical choice of calling. This is a unique talent to listen and please almost everyone and not a rare hardship to reach an understanding with the own loved ones.

If you happen to be a close relative or lifelong friend of INFJ, you have to learn that his (her) external obedience is just superficial. INFJs follow above all their own innate ideas, sometimes - with part of a staggering recklessness. As a result, they very often have a really uncommon life, including uncommon partners, goals and actions. As much as they are ready to compromise with people in every single situation – as much they are not capable to change their deep vision and, accordingly, their personal life-course.

The families of INFJ have to live with the life choices of INFJ, and those choices are far from always really happily-ending. For this reason INFJs almost never either complain, or blame their relatives, partners and children for any discontent and even demonstrative ingratitude.

Moreover, their honesty and generosity in relationships might be excessive and even wasteful. There is another paradox: INFJs deeply desire to be independent, helping most people around, and – regrettably often have to resort to the help themselves, trying to realize personal goals.

INFJ-Dreamers try to understand and excuse even improper human behavior – sometimes they seem just to be not able to ‘see the bad’ in people. Instead, INFJs often seem to be ready to admit their own guilt for almost all evil around them. This is, probably, the latent INFJ’s ‘excuse’ to others for the obstinate adherence to the own innate dreams.

INFJ-Types may potentially feel guilty for the whole human society – especially when this society openly humiliates and abandons their unfortunate members. Sometimes this guilt might become transformed to the religious and civil rights leadership. In that way the world has got such figures as Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. Such people can really change the world’s history, even though this happens quite often in spite of official politics and current people’s expectations.

There is some delusion that INFJ-Types are very religious from birth. No, they are really not – INFJs are very spiritual, though. The spirituality of INFJ is very individual and rooted in the intuitive-ethical dreams of soul. If religion of the environment properly reflects the deep intuitive spirit of INFJ, he (she) might happily join their parent’s church. If not – INFJ might stay away from religion more than other people.

Resume: INFJ-Dreamer’s life is the adaptation of a deep, emotional and idealistic soul to things of the real world. The success of this adaptation depends on the “timeliness” – i.e., coincidence between the INFJ’s aspirations and real needs of the current time. In any case, INFJ-Dreamers make the world recall spiritual values, as well as believe in sincere altruism, even if this altruism seems totally unpractical at that time.